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Toyota Corolla

Here you can download Toyota Corolla automatic transmission rebuild manuals, schemes, diagrams, fluid type and capacity information.
Whatever type of Toyota Corolla you own, we will help you with guides that will teach you how to service your gearbox by yourself.
YearsTransmission TypeEngine TypeTransmissionInformation
1984-013 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.6L 1.8LA131L
1984-013 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.8LA131L«»»INCLUDES «»»»FX»»»»»»»
1984-2001Front-Wheel Drive1.6LA131L
1984-2001Front-Wheel Drive1.8LA131L
1993-084 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.3L 1.5L 1.6L 1.8L 2.0LA240 Серия
1993-084 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.3L 1.5L 1.6L 1.8L 2.0LA240E Серия
1985-924 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.6LA240L
1985-924 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.6LA240L«»»INCLUDES «»»»FX»»»»»»»
1985-1992Front-Wheel Drive1.6LA240L
1990-924 SP 4WDL4 1.6LA241H
1990-924 SP 4WDL4 1.6LA241H
1993-084 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.8LA245E
1993-084 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.8LA245E
1993-2008Front-Wheel Drive1.8LA245E
2000-034 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.6LA246E
2000-034 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.6LA246E
2000-2003Front-Wheel Drive1.6LA246E
1993-2008Front-Wheel Drive1.3LA247E
1993-2008Front-Wheel Drive1.5LA247E
1993-2008Front-Wheel Drive1.6LA247E
1993-2008Front-Wheel Drive1.8LA247E
1993-2008Front-Wheel Drive2A247E
1972-833 SP Rear-wheel driveA40
1982-834 SP Rear-wheel driveA40D
1984-874 SP Rear-wheel drive1.6L, F.I.A42DL
1984-1987Rear-wheel driveA42DL
2011-12CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 2.0LK110
2014CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 2.0LK110
2011-13CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 2.0LK111BELT CVT
2013-14CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 2.0LK111
2006-13CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.5L 1.8LK310
2006-14CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.5L 1.8LK310BELT CVT
2012-14CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.8LK311BELT CVT
2012-13CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.5LK312BELT CVT
2013-14CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.5LK312
2013-14CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.8LK313
2012-14EVT Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.5LP510PG CVT
2008-124 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 2.0L 2.2LU240E
2008-2011Front-Wheel Drive2U240E
2008-2011Front-Wheel Drive2.2LU240E
2008-144 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 2.0LU241EAW91-40LS
2007-125 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 2.4LU250E
2007-135 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 2.4LU250EAW95-50LS
2007-2011Front-Wheel Drive2.4LU250E
20094 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.8LU340E
2009-н.в.Front-Wheel Drive1.8LU340E
2000-144 SP Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.3L 1.5L 1.6L 1.8L 2.0LU340E/341E
2002-084 SP Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.5L 1.6L 1.8L 2.0LU341E
2002-2008Front-Wheel Drive1.5LU341E /F
2002-20084WD1.5LU341E /F
2002-2008Front-Wheel Drive1.6LU341E /F
2002-20084WD1.6LU341E /F
2002-2008Front-Wheel Drive1.8LU341E /F
2002-20084WD1.8LU341E /F
2002-2008Front-Wheel Drive2U341E /F
2002-20084WD2U341E /F
2000-074 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.3LU440
2000-074 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.3LU440E
2000-2007Front-Wheel Drive1.3LU440E (AW80-40)
2012-14CVT Front-Wheel Drive/4WDL4 1.3LXA-12SNBELT CVT

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