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Like most of automatic gearboxes from German company ZF model 5HP19 differs by durability and increased reliability. It should be noted that this model is extremely critical to oil starvation. Defective solenoids or oil leak from gasket are able in a substantial way to reduce the pressure in the network that in its turn leads to problems with lubricant and transmission overheating.

Because of widespread breakdowns of automatic transmission ZF 5HP19 we can highlight problems with torque converter. But how to rebuild ZF 5HP19? Problem is here. While in operation due to lack of lubrication torque converter yoke can burn fast to other movable parts. In the initial stages of the breakdown you can eliminate the problem relatively painlessly.

ZF5HP19 transmission problems

If in time you don’t notice this problem transformer bearing will break down that will lead to the problems with oil pump. As a result, the pump or torque converter itself requires a complete replacement. Quite often solenoids break down, which are recommended to be replaced after 100,000 kilometers. If you have problems with solenoids it’s marked increase in pressure in the system, that all turn leads to damage of the drums. Due to poor quality oil the oil pump cover can wear down which leads to oil leakage.

ZF5HP19 transmission Pressure Regulator Fix

ZF 5hp19 transmission fluid

Original Oil ZF S671 090 170 1 — liter bottle 

BMW number 8322 9407807

Audi number G 052162A1 / A2 / A6

Fluid Capacity: 6.1 liters (change), 10.5 liters (full)

transmission fluid zf5hp19

To check oil level:

1) The transmission fluid temperature must be between 30°C and 35°C before checking can begin. Use test equipment to determine the trans temperature.
2) The vehicle must be level with engine running at idle speed and air conditioning turned on.
3) Step on the brakes firmly, apply parking brake fully and shift to D and R, briefly pausing in each position before shifting back to the Park position.
4) With the engine running at idle speed and the selector in Park position, remove the filler plug. Monitor the transmission temperature, if a small stream of oil runs out at 40°C, the fluid level is correct.
5) If no oil runs out when the filler plug is removed, the fluid level is too low and oil needs to be added until it overflows.
6) With engine running, install the oil filler plug and tighten to proper torque.

 Oil Service ZF 5HP

ZF5hp19 transmission for sale

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