Transmission repair manuals U660E, U760E

Information about rebuild transmission U660E, U760E

Initially, this transmission was designed exclusively for front-wheel drive cars. A few years later its modification (U660E) was designed for installation on all-wheel drive sedans and crossovers. One of the features of this model is its increased reliability and durability. This transmission has proven itself as one of the best of the six-speed automatic transmissions. In terms of smooth ride and dynamic behavior, this modification of transmission significantly keeps ahead of the manual transmission.

U660E transmission problems

At proper operation the AT can work without repair for 10 years and run more than 200,000 km. At the same time, it should be noted that transmission U660E problems  is sensitive to the oil quality. Work on changing oil and filter elements in the transmission is recommended every 50.000 kilometers. The use of low quality lubricating compounds can cause severe damage of the transmission. In need of repair work of AT U660E you can use the ready-made repair kits that allow you to carry out a comprehensive repair of steel discs and friction clutches. In most cases the problems arise when AT has a high mileage. In rare cases, the solenoid and the valve body get out of order, and to repair AT U660E you should replace all these elements.

U660e transmission rebuild video

U660e Fluid change

Capacity: 6.94 qts

Fluid Type: Toyota WS 00289-ATFWS

Filter: BCK-044-0356

toyota WS fluid

  1. Drain and replace the transmission fluid
  2. Replace the transmission filter
  3. Clean the transmission screens
  4. Drain the torque converter. This might require a drain plug hole to be drilled and taps into the torque converter.
  5. Flush the transmission cooler
  6. Flush the transmission cooler lines
  7. Check the transmission line pressure in all gears
  8. Check the resistance of all the solenoids
  9. Scan the vans CPU for any pending error codes.
  10. Inspect the rubber transmission mounts for cracks and dry rot
  11. Re-torque the valve body bolts
  12. Test drive the vehicle


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Transmission scheme

Scheme_U660E U760

Valve Body U660/U760E

U660 U760E_shariki

U660E Fluid Refill

  U660 U760E_fluid

U660E/U760E Solenoids

U660 U760E_solenoids

U660E Rebuild Video

U660E/U760E Power flow

Parts for Rebuild U660E Transmission

Solenoid and Valve Body

Rebuild Kits

Piston Kit

Torque Converter


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