42RLE Transmission repair manuals (42LE / A606)

42RLE transmission — Information about 42LE / A606 

Initially this gearbox was named as A606 and then, after an upgrade it’s called 42 RLE. Now the gear shift is barely noticeable. The gears could change variably from about 3000 spin rate up to 6000 in a sport mode. After 60000 miles the oil change in the gearbox should take place as well as change of oil filter. After 150.000 miles the overhaul is required. The valve body should be changed. Solenoids are usually replaced in a set and all the oil passages are cleaned. Water packing and driver drum are changed as well. Very occasionally severe problems with frictions and still discs could occur, and you should repair your 42LE / A 606 / 42 RLE AT.

Transmisions 42RLE /42LE Problems

The breakdown up until 180.000 miles quite a rare case of 42RLE gearbox. It is worth mentioning that this automatic transmission is not designed for a fast, aggressive driving. And completely oil quality critical. That’s why it is advised to change the oil every 25.000 miles. Otherwise, lubrication system gets damaged and solenoids will quickly become dirty and wedged. The lifetime of a solenoid unit rarely comes above 120.000 miles. And one else weak point of this gearbox-torque converter. Torque converter becomes useless after 60.000 miles. It is beyond repair and the replacement is needed.

Teardown video

42RLE Valvebody install

42RLE Repair Guide

42RLE Fluid change A606 42LE

Capacity: 8.2QTS

Fluid Type: ATF4+  or simple Dexron III

Transmission 42LE (a606) scheme

transmission 42LE scheme

Transmission 42RLE diagram/scheme

transmission 42RLE scheme

Parts for rebuild 42RLE/42LE transmission

What do you need for repair?

Master kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

Torque converter

Rebuilt Transmissions


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