What transmission do i have? Identify modification

What transmission do i have?

How to determine the kind of transmission in your car

What automatic transmission is installed in my car? — perhaps everyone who is independently looking for parts or consumables for the automatic transmission of their car is faced with this question.

Our catalog will help you solve this issue. Here you can always determine the type of automatic transmission by car model with just a few clicks.

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Automobiles based on an automatic transmission are the choice of choice for those who wish to dive into a comfortable ride. However, over time, the automatic transmission parts wear out, and the user is faced with the need to purchase supplies or auto parts. In this case, the question arises: how to determine what transmission do I have by the brand of car?

How to determine what kind of transmission do I have by the make of the vehicle?

Most manufacturers of vehicles indicate the data on the model of the gearbox on the plates, which are placed both on the unit itself and on the body. Typically, a record is a set of letters and numbers that will enable you to choose the right consumables and accessories for your car. If the plate is in place and the record is well-read, it is worth contacting a specialist in the outlet who will select the details you need.

what transmission do i have?

If there is no such plate, it is lost, or the inscription is unreadable, you can determine the type of automatic gearbox of the car by the number assigned to the body, the engine. You can also find out information by the year of issue of the vehicle or by a special VIN number.

Determine the type of automatic transmission of the car by number

VIN is the identification number assigned to the vehicle. It is registered in the TCP. The number consists of 17 digits. It is assigned to vehicles of manufacturers that operate according to this standard.

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By the number, you can get almost any information about the car, for example, the year of manufacture, factory equipment. Typically, this identification is inherent in products of European brands and manufacturers from North America.

Find out what transmission is in my car

It is necessary to determine the type of automatic transmission in order to be able to purchase consumables and spare parts for repairing the box. It is also worth asking about this issue if you decide to purchase a used car. In this case, the buyer should check the vehicle using the VIN code. Thus, it is possible to obtain all the important information about the car. Also, the type of gearbox can be determined from the technical documents that each vehicle has.

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