42RE Transmission repair manuals 44RE/42RH/A500

42RE Transmission — information about rebuild 42RH/44RE/A500

Developers of transmission 42RE demanded on its reliability and ability to be used with engines of more than 300 horsepower. For this reason, it was decided to use a pretty simple design of automatic transmission. Transmission 42RE doesn’t have any electronic control systems. Lubrication of movable elements is carried out by hydraulic system. Even though it’s not as effective as the valve body and solenoids, it’s very reliable. There is no sport mode for switching low gears. Note, that in this modification gears are switched with a perceptible jerk. This is the other side of heavy-duty transmissions.

Transmission 42RE/44RE/42RH problems

Simplified design makes it easy for a car owner to repair A500 himself. The only thing that may cause problems is a removal of a gearbox. In this case it is necessary to use special lifts or fixing cables that will simplify the removal. A feature of this transmission is lack of service works. It’s not needed to do a regular change of oil or filter elements. Most of the time after 100.000 kilometers it’s required to change gaskets and oil seal of a pump. There’s no more required service work. With a careful use A500 can overcome more than 500.000 kilometers. The only thing is that this gearbox doesn’t like a fast driving and low temperatures.

Rebuild 42RE/A500 manual video

42RE Valve Body rebuild

Transmission band adjustment


Transmission 42RE/RH/44RE (A500) Fluid Change

Capacity: About 10QTS

Fluid change: Mopar ATF+3 or ATF+4 (Mobil 3309)

42RE/42RH/44RE Transmission diagram/scheme with parts

42re transmission diagram scheme

A500 (42RE) Valve Body

42RE valve body a500

A500 (42RE) transmission diagram

42re transmission diagram (a500)

Parts for rebuild 42RE/A500/42RH transmission

What do you need for repair?

Rebuild Kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

Torque converter


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