5R55S/5R55W Transmission repair manuals

5R55S/5R55W transmission — information about rebuild

Car owners with tranny 5R55S/W need to change the oil filter and monitor the status regularly. It is also recommended to inspect the automatic transmission at the time of having her flowing out of rubberized gaskets. Replacement gear oil recommended every 50,000 kilometers. In this modification transmissions used an electronic system of forced blocking torque converter. This has a negative influence on the durability of the valve body performance, which is extremely sensitive to the quality of the oil. The valve body goes down and solenoids break when we using dirty oil. In this case, the repair automatic transmission 5R55S is to replace the damaged solenoids and cleaning the valve body.

5r55S Transmission problems

Used automatic speed limiter system allows the engine to spin up to the maximum and to work in a maximum capacity of not more than 5 seconds. Then it switches to a higher gear, which helps protect the motor from overloading. Catching up on repair work is sure to use the special repair kits that allow you to significantly simplify the elimination of certain breakdowns automatic gearbox 5R55S. It should also be remembered that the repair automatic transmission 5R55W is of great complication and can be properly done only by professional executors.

5R55S Rebuild Manual Video


5r55S/W transmission fluid change

Fluid type: Mercon V

4r44e fluid


Capacity: 9.5-13 quarts

How to change transmission fluid 5R55S


5R55W/5R55S Transmission diagram parts scheme

5R55s transmission diagram

5R55W/S Valve Body

5r55w valve body

Valve Body Check Balls

5R55w 5r55s transmission check ball valve body

Clutch Work


5R55S Solenoids Chart

5r55s solenoids chart

5R55W Diagram


Parts for Rebuild 5R55S/W

Solenoids and Valve Body

Rebuild Kits

Torque Converter



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