Transmission repair manuals A42DL — A46DL

Information about rebuild transmission A42DL — A46DL

Actually, Automatic Transmission A42DL/A46DL has become one of the first automatic transmissions, which were set up in small cars. There was no manual control and drivers couldn’t use winter mode or low-speed mode. After a year of using this automatic gearshift modification, it has recommended itself with the best hand.

In first modifications automatic four-speed transmissions were using forced lubrication method. Afterwards, the transmission got auto valve body, that let not only to improve lubrication indicators but also helped to last the lifetime of auto gearshift. Any computer sensors aren’t used in this automatic transmission. If you want to last the transmission’s lifetime, you should keep your eye on oil level.

A42DL-A46DL Transmission problems

Although, this automatic gearshift has its own disadvantages. We can observe some problems with friction clutch. It ended up, that there was a need to replace this element. Also, it has problems in friction of torque converter, they are expressed in excess of vibrations. If the owner doesn’t solve this problem, this may lead to problems with solenoid and oil pump, and further repair of Automatic Transmission A42DL/A43/A46.

Automatic transmission’s valve body turned out reliable. It can last you more than 300.000 kilometer if you use quality oil. If something’s wrong, you can repair or replace it.

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