09G Transmission repair manuals 09K, 09М (TF-60SN/61)

o9G Transmission information about rebuild (09K, 09М (TF-60 SN/61)

The transmission 09G TF-60SN/61SN has been developed for use with front-wheel cars which torque of engines doesn’t exceed an indicator 280 Newton of meters. In a consequence there was a modification of transmissions with six steps which intended for installation together with engines with a working volume up to 3,5 liters. This modification of transmissions has proved as cheap for repair 09G (TF-60SN/61SN) and rather durable. A design of a transmission was rather simple that has positively affected reliability indicators. Development of a six-step automatic transmission of TF-60SN/61SN was conducted by forces experts of specialists of the company Aysin and the German engineers from Volkswagen concern. As a result, бit was succeeded to develop a reliable and automatic transmission easy in use which has proved from the best side.

09G transmission problems

Carrying out service it is necessary to remember that several modifications of this automatic transmission therefore during the performing of repair or service it is necessary to use filters which are intended for concrete model 09K in total have been made. It is necessary to remember that automatic transmissions of 09K differ in requirements to quality of the used oil also. In this case only use of original synthetic oil which when performing service works about 7 liters are required is possible. From widespread breakages we can allocate problems with friction clutches and emergence of leakages of oil from under epiploons of laying. In the latter case it is necessary to eliminate as soon as possible a leakage and to add necessary oil in system. It isn’t recommended to operate the car with the insufficient pressure of oil in system.


09G (09k/09M) Fluid Change

Fluid Type: Use Toyota Type T-IV or Mobil 3309. Original fluid (VAG): G055025A2

Capacity: 8.1 litres

G055025A2 09D atf

09G Rebuild video

09K transmission adaptation (relearn)

09G Transmission diagram parts scheme

09G transmission diagram scheme

09G (09K) transmission valve body

09G transmission valve body

09G transmission code identify

transmission code 09G TF60SN

Solenoids 09G 09K TF60SN

09G 09K solenoids

Parts for Rebuild 09G/09K (TF60SN) Transmission

Solenoids and Valve Body

Rebuild Kits

Piston Kit

Torque Converter

Other Parts


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