46RH transmission repair manuals (46RE/47RH/A518/A618)

46RH transmission information about rebuild (46RE/47RH/A518/ A618)

This generation of the automatic transmission 46RH has proven itself with the best hand. The legendary reliability is combined with the power and the ease of repair. Any special service work for this modification is not required. In the first version of A518 (46RH) was used a mechanical principle of lubrication. In 1993 transmission was updated. It received the torque converter and the solenoids valve. Also, it got the opportunity to block the clutch, which improved an off-road performance.

46RH Transmission Problems (46RE/47RH/A518/47RE)

To improve the dynamic performance automatic transmission 46RE/46RH had a special mode with three speeds. When this mode was activated, the gearbox drives the engine better and moved on to a higher level when the engine speed was reaching 4000 — 5000 rpm. It should be noted that the changeover and activation of a three-stage mode was only possible when the vehicle is completely stopped. Otherwise transmission can fail.

In repair shops this modification of transmissions is extremely rare, except for version with the valve body and solenoids. At high power box the valve body and all-electric solenoids fail quickly and require replacement after 100,000 kilometers. It’s quite expensive to repair A518, because spare parts and the valve body have a relatively high cost.

46RH Transmission problems (46RE/RH)

46RH/47RH A518 Rebuild

46RH (46RE) transmission fluid type

Original fluid type is MOPAR ATF+4, OEM number W0133-1969446-MPR.

You need also Pan Gasket: W39003TC

Capacity: 4 qts service refill

rh47 fluid

46RH Fluid Change Video

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46RH Transmission diagram with parts scheme

scheme A518_46RH

A518/46RH/47RE CheckBalls Valve

46RH valve body scheme

46RH Clutch And Band Work


46RE/RH Test Pressure

46RH/RE pressure control

Parts for rebuild 46RH transmission (46RE/A518/47RE)

What do you need for repair?

Rebuild Kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

Torque converter

Other Parts

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