Transmission repair manuals CVT Audi 0AW (VL381)

Information about rebuild transmission 0AW/VL381 CVT

Audi 0AW (Multitronic VL-381) transmission s the second experiment of the VAG concern to create CVT after Audi 01J (VL-300). The transmission was installed on all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive Audi cars from 2004 to 2016. Despite the sufficient novelty, it is already well known to the masters of the automatic transmission complex service station (Saint Petersburg), and therefore the repair of 0AW (VL-381) does not present any difficulties.

The 0aw variator (Multitronic VL381) was significantly more successful than its counterpart, 01J (Multitronic VL-300). However, this was the end of VAG’s experiments with variators, and the company moved on to the development of robotic boxes.

Features of the transmission CVT 0AW (VL381)

The basic principle of operation and most of the design features of the variator at Audi 0AW (VL381) were adopted from its predecessor, 01J (Multitronic VL-300). However, many problems were taken into account and refined, especially in terms of electronics and in the hydro block.

  • Stepless variator with a pull chain.
  • Designed for vehicles with longitudinally positioned gasoline engines with a volume of 1.8 to 3.2 liters.
  • Creates a torque of up to 400 Nm.
  • Corresponds to an 8-speed gearbox. This number of gears provides the so-called «sports mode» of driving. In this case, the load is not the entire surface of the pulleys, but only the central part of them. The transmission of torque becomes intermittent. «Sports» riding significantly reduces the resource of the mechanism. During the normal driving mode, the surfaces of the pulleys are fully engaged.

Teardown video 0AW VL381

Fluid change

Fluid type: G052516A2 7-8 liters.

G052516A2 0aw fluid

Also you can change filter.

Top problems CVT Audi 0AW (Multitronic VL-381)

  • The Audi gearbox 0AW (VL381) is very demanding on the quality of the transmission fluid. The manufacturer recommends G 052 516 A2. And you only need to use it.
  • Renew the oil and the corresponding filters every 60 thousand km, and when it is older, you should do it more often.
  • A complete replacement will require 7 liters of transmission fluid.
  • At the same time, you should also take care of replacing the oil line. It’s not cheap, but it’s necessary.
  • The pull chain and pulleys do not allow the vehicle to be towed. They immediately fail due to severe overheating, as they start working in the opposite direction. It is not possible to bring them back to life. It is better to transport the car on a tow truck.
  • You should only start driving in winter when the box is well warmed up.
  • The CVT works at elevated temperatures, so it requires good cooling (especially in summer and when standing in traffic). If you want the ECU to work properly, you need regularly (at least once a year) clean the passages of the radiator engine and air conditioning, as the total cooling system of the box displayed in the primary coolant circuit of the engine.
  • The driver must follow the driving style. Variator categorically does not tolerate sudden acceleration, braking.
  • Noticing the first sign of a malfunction, you must contact a trusted car service to repair 0AW (VL381) transmission.

The problems that arise when operating the CVT Audi 0AW (Multitronic VL-381)

Modification of the variator model 0AW (Multitronic VL-381) allowed to significantly increase the service life of the unit in comparison with its counterpart, 01J (Multitronic VL-300). The time of the first overhaul of the Audi 0AW (Multitronic VL381) comes much later. However, the problems that arise are very similar: failures of the ECU (electronic control unit), mechatronics in general, chains, and pulleys. Any rebuild 0AW (VL381) involves the mandatory replacement of all consumables: gaskets, solenoids, filters, seals, ejection pump.

0AW VL381 Scheme Diagram


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0AW VL381 CVT Rebuild manual (official)

0AW Vl381 Scheme diagram

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