Transmission repair manuals 01J CVT (Audi)

Information about rebuild transmission 01J CVT (Audi)

Variatior 01J CVT were one of the first serial transmissions installed in Audi cars. Note, that this transmission gave a good account of itself: it is able to overcome more than 200,000 kilometers without overhaul. This manual tells how to repair 01J CVT, if it’s broken down.

The weak point of 01J CVT is a control unit. This element doesn’t have a proper resistance to temperature changes. It can break down in summer heat and winter frost.

Fluid change

It also should be noted that the key to trouble-free exploitation of this variator is a regular oil change using high quality spare parts. You will need 7.5 liters of the original gear oil to carry out a complete oil change. Sometimes problems can be caused by leaking oil seals and gaskets. It leads to oil loss and insufficient pressure in a system. This variator is extremely demanding to a lubricant mixture quality and oil pressure in the system. A common problem is a breakdown of the clutch. It must be replaced if damaged. The point is that the clutches are sold in sets only and require a complete replacement.


If automatic gearbox breaks down, information about it will appear on the central panel of the car. In this case car owner should contact a service center as soon as possible.

Transmission scheme


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