Check Your Transmission

Amc Van Full Size 2500

Here you can download Amc Van Full Size 2500 automatic transmission rebuild manuals, schemes, diagrams, fluid type and capacity information.
Whatever type of Amc Van Full Size 2500 you own, we will help you with guides that will teach you how to service your gearbox by yourself.
YearsTransmission TypeEngine TypeTransmissionInformation
1995-2011Rear-wheel drive4.3L4L60E
1995-2011Rear-wheel drive54L60E
1995-2011Rear-wheel drive5.3L4L60E
1995-2011Rear-wheel drive5.7L4L60E
2004-2011Rear-wheel drive4.3L4L60E
2004-2011Rear-wheel drive4.8L4L60E
2004-2011Rear-wheel drive5.3L4L60E
1996-2009Rear-wheel drive / 4WD4.3L4L80E
1996-2009Rear-wheel drive / 4WD4.8L4L80E
1996-2009Rear-wheel drive / 4WD5.7L4L80E
1996-2009Rear-wheel drive / 4WD64L80E
1996-2009Rear-wheel drive / 4WD7,44L80E
1996-2009Rear-wheel drive / 4WD6,54L80E
2009-2011Rear-wheel drive4.8L6L80
2009-2011Rear-wheel drive5.3L6L80

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