Check Your Transmission

Mazda 2

Here you can download Mazda 2 automatic transmission rebuild manuals, schemes, diagrams, fluid type and capacity information.
Whatever type of Mazda 2 you own, we will help you with guides that will teach you how to service your gearbox by yourself.
YearsTransmission TypeEngine TypeTransmissionInformation
2007-2011Front-Wheel Drive1.3LFN4A-EL
2007-2011Front-Wheel Drive1.5LFN4A-EL
20146 SP Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.5LFZ
2012-14CVT Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.3L 1.5LXA-12SD
2012-14CVT Front-Wheel DriveL4 1.3L1.5LXA-15LN

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