Transmission fluid change cost - how much?

cost for transmission fluid change

How much does an automatic transmission fluid change cost, and what does the cost depend on?

  1. Why do I need a fluid change in the transmission?
  2. What determines transmission fluid cost?
  3. Fluid change types, and how much do they cost?
  4. How much fluid in a transmission and fluid filter are
  5. How, where and from whom to order transmission fluid change

Today, the cost of replacing an automatic transmission fluid varies from $ 80 to $ 250. Some servicemans do not yet know why a fluid change is needed, and what makes this cost?

Why do I need a fluid change in the transmission?

Reputable manufacturers such as Aisin, ZF, GM recommend constantly monitoring the level and purity of the transmission fluid, as well as replacing the ATF according to the routine maintenance plan, as this has a significant impact on the life of the unit.

During the operation of the car, the quality of the ATF fluid is constantly deteriorating, and it is contaminated by the wear products of friction discs, seals, and other elements, its viscosity, and lubricating qualities change.

Regarding the frequency of fluid changes in the professional environment, there is no consensus. Much depends on the specific transmission model, load, driving style, and the fluid itself.

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We can recommend such periodicity of routine maintenance: a complete fluid change every 50 thousand km, partial — 20 thousand operational kilometers. The figures are approximate and need to be adjusted for a specific car.

What determines transmission fluid cost?

Some motorists are convinced that replacing the fluid in the automatic transmission is not required, but this opinion is erroneous. After some time, the lubricant loses its original characteristics, which means that it is no longer able to protect components from friction. If you do not continue to replace it, then the parts begin to wear out quickly, which in the final version will lead to a complete breakdown of the entire mechanism. The replacement price is highly dependent on many indicators.

transmission fluid change cost

  1. The store today provides a wide selection of transmission fluid for different brands of domestic and foreign cars. All of them are mineral and synthetic. Minerals are made by distillation of pure fluid, and it is inexpensive but is rarely used for modern cars. Synthetic and semi-synthetic are made by adding special additives that give them some properties, as well as increase viscosity and allow you to work at extreme temperatures. Such fluids surpass the previous ones in all respects, but they are also much more expensive.
  2. As you know, the design and volume of the gearbox housing are different for all models, which means that the amount of grease is different. Some car models fit 5 liters, and some automatic transmissions may require about 10 liters of liquid. This includes some types of variator designs, which are mainly installed on imported SUVs.
  3. The frequency of fluid change is highly dependent on the operating conditions in your area, what type of service is used, and the brand of car. In urban conditions, this figure does not fall below 60-100 thousand km of mileage, and in rural areas, maintenance work with a fluid change in the automatic transmission should be approximately every 40 thousand km, due to the increased loads on the variator mechanism.
  4. Today, the cost of services can be set by the car service itself, depending on the location and economic situation in the region. Various factors can affect the economy of your area.

Fluid change types, and how much do they cost?

Replacing the transmission fluid in the automatic transmission can cost you 80 to 250 dollars. It depends on whether you intend to replace the fluid yourself or if you want to ask a technician to do it for you. It may seem excessive for some, but if you look at the cost of reconstructing your transmission, renewing the transmission fluid is pretty reasonable.

Fluid flush cost120-250$
Fluid change cost60-120$

An automatic fluid change can be full or partial. Partial is carried out every 10-15 thousand km and coincides with the maintenance. All work includes only the replacement of mining. If you look on the Internet, then this service costs no more than $ 250. A complete replacement is carried out once a year — this is about 100 thousand operational kilometers. To do this, after working out, they washed the automatic transmission case with a special solution, disassemble the box, replace the filter, and have to pay up to $ 500.

How much fluid in a transmission and fluid filter are

During the replacement process, not only the fluid is replenished. The gear fluid filter and other related parts also need to be replaced.

The value of transmission fluid depends on the oil that your transport manufacturer suggests. Most new cars demand an ATF that meets DEXRON or MERCON standards. Each of the types costs from 50-120 dollars for a volume of 5 to 15 liters. You may also require the change of transmission filter, gaskets, and other parts. Let’s say you spend about $15-30 on these supplementary parts. This results in a total replacement price of up to $150.

transmission fluid change price

 As you can see, before replacing, you have to take into account how much the automatic filter and ATF itself cost. Knowing the cost also helps to define the method of replacement, since replacement under pressure will require a much larger volume of fluid than partial.

How, where and from whom to order transmission fluid change

Replacing the fluid in an automatic transmission cannot be called a complex technological process, unlike, for example, repair of a valve body or torque converter. Therefore, such a «side job» is practiced today by all and sundry. Prices are also approximately the same at all service stations. In this regard, we want to draw the attention of the car owner to the fact that amateurs who can only turn nuts, remove and put on nozzles do not even suspect the existence of various technological nuances regarding different automatic transmissions, ATF compatibility, filters, gaskets. Therefore, do not be too lazy to go to the specialists in the repair of automatic transmissions.

The price of washing the automatic transmission can vary quite a lot depending on the design and layout features of a particular car. In this regard, the calculation of the cost of services for each client is made individually. The final amount is pre-agreed with the customer.

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