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How to flush transmission fluid

  1. Why do I need to transmission fluid flush?
  2. What is the cost?
  3. What is the essence of such an action as flushing for automatic transmission?
  4. How often?
  5. How to do a transmission flush without removing it from the machine?
  6. Features

When using modern vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions, there is gradual contamination of the transmission oil, as well as the working units and parts of the automatic transmission. Harmful precipitation in the form of metal dust, shavings, fragments, combustion products, and friction disintegration accumulate on the working surfaces, filter screens, as well as in the cavities and channels of the hydraulic system. Automatic transmission flushing is a necessary procedure to restore transmission stability.

Why do I need to transmission fluid flush?

During the operation of the automatic transmission, the amount of mud deposits increases, which is the cause of failure of both individual parts, and the mechanism as a whole. Some motorists believe that you can do with an ordinary replacement of the transmission oil and oil filter.

transmission flush machine

However, as practice shows, a simple replacement of the lubricant is not always enough to restore the stable functioning of the automatic transmission. Flushing the automatic transmission with your own hands is the correct solution to independently adjust the operation of the automatic transmission.

What is the cost for a transmission flush

Automatic transmission, however, as well as mechanical, is a fairly complex unit of the car, all the work of which is based on complex interactions of various elements. As a result of long-term use of the car in the dense traffic flow of the city, when you have to change gears constantly, the wear of the gearbox occurs quite quickly. In addition, the transmission gets contamination from the outside.

If you want to maintain the transmission in working order and less often resort to expensive repairs, you need to be able to check the condition of the fluid in the transmission, replace it, and completely flush the automatic transmission.

Fluid flush cost120-250$
Fluid change cost60-120$

Transmission fluid flush cost can vary quite a lot depending on the design and layout features of a particular car. In this regard, the calculation of the cost of services for each client is made individually. Usually, it will cost you $120-$250.

Flushing the automatic transmission with simultaneous oil change is a fairly simple procedure. At first, the waste oil is drained from the transmission, the filter is changed, the transmission is flushed, and a new portion of oil is poured.

What is the cost for simple fluid change?

It is best to flush the automatic transmission on the pit or lift because you will have to unscrew the pan to drain the remaining oil and replace the oil filter. Then you need a special flushing device, which is available on almost all service stations. The pipes of this device are connected to the place of the pipes of the automatic transmission cooling system, start the engine and let it work for some time.

How to do a transmission flush for 12$?

What is the essence of such an action as flushing for automatic transmission?

The answer is simple: determine the available way to clean the gearbox cavities from accumulated dirt. Most often, the method of flushing the system of channels of the machine with the help of flows of lubricating liquid is used. Sometimes a special flushing agent or automatic transmission fluid is added to the transmission oil.

If that didn’t help, the transmission is completely disassembled. After that, each part is cleaned manually using gasoline, as well as compressed air.

transmission fluid flush

Each of the described methods is successfully applied in practice. The results of properly performed cleaning of the automatic transmission are noticeable in the following manifestations:

  1. Reduces the likelihood of automatic transmission failures.
  2. Increases the operational life of the entire mechanism.
  3. The automatic transmission operation is being corrected.

Whats the difference between fluid change and flush

If you want to ensure that the automatic transmission is flushed to maximum efficiency, each operation must be performed correctly and accurately.

How often do I need to flush transmission?

During the active operation of the gearbox, it is recommended flushing the transmission, in particular, to clear the channels of the hydraulic unit, along with the complete replacement of gear oil (changing the oil in automatic transmission with flushing). The operational life of the vehicle transmission depends directly on the frequency of these events. Flushing the automatic transmission when changing the oil means that the frequency of work is equal to 30-70 thousand km of the traveled path. The interval between automatic transmission maintenance measures is set, depending on the operating conditions of the vehicle.

how to do transmission flush

When is there premature flushing of an automatic transmission? The main reasons for extraordinary cleaning of automatic transmission:

These problems occur when the system of channels of the automatic transmission hydro block is highly polluted. If you notice at least one of these signs, you must urgently clean the hydraulic elements of the automatic transmission.

It is important: if the flushing did not lead to the expected results, then the specific elements of the automatic transmission are faulty.

What do you need to prepare for transmission fluid flush?

This procedure is best conducted in specialized workshops. Most service companies are equipped with special flushing devices, which are used for flushing the node at the proper professional level. If the diagnosis turns out that it is necessary to disassemble the automatic transmission and change some parts and components, the gearbox is moved, all its elements are flushed in gasoline, the channels are purged with compressed air.

If you decide to flush the automatic transmission yourself, you need to create conditions and get supplies, auxiliary tools, devices:

  1. Transmission fluid in double volume (the first portion of ATF oil is spent on flushing the node, the second — on refueling, respectively).
  2. Spanner wrenches, sockets, polyhedrons, gas, screwdriver, pump.
  3. Bucket or basin for waste material.
  4. Cotton rags.
  5. An observation deck, overpass.

How to do a transmission flush without removing it from the machine

how to flush transmission fluid

This procedure is performed using a special device. The standard list of works performed by service station employees:

  1. First, the used old oil is drained. The tray of the automatic transmission is removed, and the drain plug is unscrewed in order to drain the maximum amount of liquid used.
  2. After draining the liquid, all parts are installed in their original place.
  3. The device connects, filled with new gear oil.
  4. The engine is started.
  5. The motor works for at least 15 minutes.
  6. At this time, the oil under pressure passes through all the channels of the automatic transmission hydraulic system.
  7. ATF fluid is re-drained from the automatic transmission.
  8. The worn-out oil filter is removed, and a new filter element is installed in its place.
  9. Replace the pallet gasket of the automatic transmission.
  10. Fill in fresh transmission oil.

Video how to do transmission flush:

Tip: if desired, special products are added to the flushing oil to improve the efficiency of cleaning the machine transmission. However, experienced craftsmen warn that the use of these tools does not always have a positive effect on the further operation of automatic transmissions, and they themselves use additional additives in the oil with great care.

After performing a full-flow flush of the automatic transmission, it is recommended to check how the mechanism works. Special attention should be paid to the absence of noise and extraneous sounds in the gearbox. You also need to analyze the degree of comfort of controlling the selector-it should move freely and easily enough.

Features of advanced transmission fluid flush

If the transmission is removed from the machine for subsequent repair, it is recommended to flush the automatic transmission cavities not in the standard way, but using more complex manipulations. Transmission fluid flush cost, in this case, will be higher- up to $250. Procedure:

  1. Drain the fluid from the transmission.
  2. Remove the automatic transmission from the vehicle.
  3. Completely disassemble the mechanism.
  4. Thoroughly rinse each item in the gasoline (diesel, kerosene).
  5. Purge channels of the hydraulic unit with compressed air.
  6. Replacement of consumable spare parts (filter elements, gaskets, seals, etc.).
  7. Assembly of automatic transmission in its original state.
  8. Installing the automatic transmission on the machine.
  9. Filling the system with ATF transmission fluid.
  10. Running-in of the automatic transmission.

Dont forget to change filter

cost for transmission flush

It is important: when running the vehicle, it is necessary to adhere to gentle modes, avoid sharp maneuvers, sharp turns, emergency braking, and other increased loads. The automatic transmission adaptation process takes several days (from 4 to 7).

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