Transmission repair manuals JF402 Spark,Picanto, Matiz

Information about transmission JF402-405

From the characteristic of the automatic transmission JF405E failures it can be identified problems with the hydraulic unit and the frequent failure of the solenoids. In the latter case it is possible to replace individual solenoids, which saves on repairs. When the overhaul it is carried out verification of the hydraulic efficiency, replacing seals and gaskets. A capital repair of JF405E is carried out as necessary, or when the vehicle a run is 250,000 kilometers.Automatic transmission JF 402From problems of automatic transmission JF402 we can note mediocre strength of the torque converter but we know how to repair JF402. It is not uncommon also mechanical damage to the hydraulic unit, and the appearance of cracks on its body. In the latter case, a high probability of oil starvation of the engine, and as a result of severe damage to the mechanical moving parts. The transmission is equipped with multiple sensors that monitor the oil pressure in the system, which helps to prevent breakage and overheating of the gearbox. With the proper care of the gearbox, which is the need to warm up the transmission in the winter season, and a regular oil change, car owner can use the automatic transmission for many years and don’t repair it.

Transmission scheme

JF 402 scheme

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