Transmission repair manuals ZF 5HP30

Information about rebuild transmission ZF 5HP30

The given model of five-speed automatic gearbox has intensified friction clutch plates which are made from reinforced steel. The cooling system consists of a high-power pump which allows maintaining the necessary pressure in the network. This modification of the transmission has proven itself as a fairly reliable, but at the same time very expensive in repairing. That is why car owners need to closely monitor the state of the oil and to carry out regular inspection of the gearbox. When the first errors appear you should immediately carry out repairs.The weak point of automatic gearbox ZF 5HP30 is solenoids and hydraulic unit that can clog with poor oil and it rapidly become worthless. Also, quite often clutch drum becomes unusable. It is recommended to replace the solenoids after eight to ten years of operation of the car. Even if you use the original oil recommended by the manufacturer, during operation the solenoid clogged and gradually comes into disrepair. You should also remember that carrying out rebuilds of ZF 5HP30 by yourself isn’t possible. You should remember that in repairing of ZF 5HP30 most breakdowns forces professionals of the service center to carry out the dismantling of the gearbox and its capital repairs. All this invariably increases the cost of problem-solving.

ZF 5hp30 transmission fluid

Original Oil ZF S671 090 170 1 — liter bottle 

BMW number 8322 9407807

Audi number G 052162A1 / A2 / A6

Fluid Capacity: 6.1 liters (change), 10.5 liters (full)

transmission fluid zf5hp

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