Transmission repair manuals ZF 4HP20

Information about transmission ZF 4HP20

Due to the modernized design of the automatic transmission, modification ZF 4HP20 provides the smoothest switching without jerks and pulls, when stages are changed. Note, that there’s also a possibility to switch the gearbox in a manual mode. This automatic transmission has a reinforced design that allows using it with the power units of 3 liters or more.

During the years of exploitation, the automatic transmission ZF 4HP20 has established itself as a reliable transmission, which does not require any special care and service. It’s only recommended to do an oil change every 50,000 kilometers and to do examination of gaskets and oil seals sometimes. It will guarantee that exploitation of the automatic transmission ZF 4HP20 will be long enough and without extra problems.

Like most other models of automatic transmissions, the weak point of 4HP20 is the torque converter. In some cases, may appear problems with the oil pump or with the slide bearing. Despite its simple design, it’s very difficult to repair 4HP20. That’s why service centers require a relatively high price. Another reason is that at the moment spare parts for this modification are offered exclusively by European manufacturers.

Transmission scheme

ZF 4HP20 scheme

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