Transmission repair manuals ZF 4HP14 (Peugeot)

Information about transmission ZF 4HP14 (Peugeot)

Four-stage automatic gearbox ZF 4HP14 truly was a technological breakthrough of its time. According to its license later modifications of this gear box had been used until nineties in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Excellent reliability indices were combined with a convenience of a usage. It made it very popular among buyers even nowadays. Car owners can easily find necessary spare parts and repair kits for the restoration of this automatic transmission.

This model of automatic transmissions gave a good account of itself. As long as oil was regularly changed, it could overcome more than 200-300 thousand kilometers without overhaul. It should be noted that a simple design of a gearbox makes it easy to repair ZF 4HP14 on your own.

This automatic transmission has some specific breakdowns, like problems with friction clutch and torque converter, in which pump sleeves and solenoids can fail. Sometimes oil can leak because of decrepit gaskets. Loss of oil can lead to an overheating of automatic transmission that subsequently causes deterioration of all power components and problems with an oil pump. It proves that it’s easy to repair ZF 4HP14 without a request to a service center.

Transmission schemeZF 4HP14 scheme

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