Transmission repair manuals ZF8HP45 / ZF8HP70 / ZF8HP55A / ZF8HP90

Information about rebuild transmission ZF8HP45 / ZF8HP70 / ZF8HP55A / ZF8HP90 / 845RE

Automatic transmission of the longitudinal arrangement of ZF 8HP45 (8HP70) is launched as an advanced version of the previous 6HP21 and 6HP32 versions.

This gearbox has been designed as the best-seller which had to surpass all predecessors. As 6-staged predecessor 6HP21-26 and Japanese — Aisin TR60\80 on profitability and dynamic characteristics. And of course, it had to surpass in comfort of the main competitor: Getrag with its preselected gearboxes.

And it is valid, ZF8HP began to be delivered by cars factories with the same price, as 6-staged predecessors, having to fit in the same weight and volume, and surpassing them in all characteristics as each new iPhone surpassed the previous version.

Fluid Change

Capacity: 8 l.

Type: ZF LIFEGUARD 8 (S671 090 312)


Transmission Pan: (1087298247)


Transmission fluid level check between 40 — 50 deg C. # MAKE SURE if transmission has a cooler bypass valve, that transmission has been warmed up sufficiently to open the valve and purge any air that may be in the Transmission Cooling system when checking fluid level.


Transmission problems

Teardown Video

Automatic transmission 8HP45/70

The pilot option has been put in production in the 2008 year and after short running in on BMW of the 7th ZF8HP series began to be installed widely on cars with the maximum torque of 450 nanometers for petrol motors (8HP45) and up to 700 Nanometers at 8HP70 for BMW diesel engines. Apparently from this ratio, figures 45 and 70 in the name of the gear box is the index of the maximum torque.

In the next years, ZF has expanded the row the automatic gearboxes of this stirpes from 8HP23 for class «mini» with engines 1.6 litres up to 8HP90 for cars with 6-litre engines. The success of these gearboxes has surpassed all expectations and has caused a set of enthusiastic responses. And «children’s diseases» have been extremely quickly corrected by menders of automatic transmission.

The stirpes of 8-stages automatic transmissions installing

8HP45 — on BMW 1st, 3rd, 5th of series, with petrol motors (also analogue 845RE — on some vehicles Chrysler). On Volkswagen Amarok — under the name: AL450 (serial number of transmission — 0CM)

Version 8HP55AF for the quattro Audi A7, A8, Q5, etc. was launched in 2011.

8HP70 — sometimes presents on BMW 3rd, 5th of series diesel motors, the American X3, X5, X6 and other cars.

Transmission ZF8HP45 Scheme Diagram


ZF8HP55A Parts Scheme


Transmission ZF8HP45/70 Parts Scheme


Valve Body Scheme

zf8hp45_70_valve_body_scheme zf8hp45_70_scheme_diagram

Valve Body Separator Plate 8HP45/55A/70


Gear Ratio


Valve Body Teardown Video





Parts for Rebuild ZF8HP45/70 Transmission

Solenoid and Valve Body

Rebuild Kits

Bushing Kit

Torque Converter


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