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Information about transmission rebuild 10R80

It so happened that Ford decided to abandon cooperation with ZF, which lasted for a long time.

For the first time, the 6R80 version was installed by Ford in his car back in 2009. This impressively rugged 6-speed automatic transmission is based on the ZF 6HP26 transmission, built and independently upgraded under license by Ford Motor Company at its transmission plant in Livonia, Michigan. There are practical tests where this automatic transmission has shown that it can withstand up to 1000 hp. And with the correct configuration of the ECU and with the introduction of reinforced components, the tuning of the market can withstand more.

The new 10R80 transmission is part of a joint project between Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

And that’s where the pros end and the harsh reality begins…

To begin with, some consider my opinion about 10r80 to be incorrect, convincing, challenging, pointing a finger at speed characteristics and the conscientiousness of Ford marketers… however, there is nothing easier: open the browser, enter the phrase «10R80 troubles» or «10R80 problems» and plunge into this world of «pleasure», from which I have not got out for several days … read these thousands and thousands of messages, comments, complaints, appeals on many hundreds of club forums of Mustangs, pickups and other Ford auto…

transmission 10r80 review

Problems with 10R80 transmission

  1. Sharp, clumsy gear drops — most often present during downshifts from 4-3, 3-2 or 2-1 in normal automatic transmission mode and can be even more abrupt in sport automatic transmission mode.
  2. Sharp, clumsy gear increases — usually most of them are present during upshifts from 3-4, from 5-6 in normal automatic transmission mode and can be even sharper in sport automatic transmission mode.
  3. Stuttering twitching of the car when slowing down the vehicle and closer to a full stop, as well as when accelerating. It feels like the automatic transmission cannot determine which gear to switch to, and the revs are also increasing.
  4. Lack of initial setting when switching from position P to R if the outside temperature is below 10C.
  5. Lack of initial setting when switching from position P to R when the automatic transmission oil is fully in the operating range temperatures (85C-100C), regardless of external temperatures.
  6. Extremely rigid switching from P to R or from R to D (1st gear). External temperatures do not have

Teardown on 10r80 transmission video

Disadvantages of 10r80 Transmission

1. Noise/hum/howl in the automatic transmission area is the relative «norm» for all modifications of the 10R80. Whining occurs due to the displacement of the gear train. The 10R80 pump has a gear drive from a torque converter. Thus, in fact, the howling is due to the fact that the pump gears do not interlock properly.

— Treatment: The only way to fix it is to replace the pump.

An example of a similar sound on the F-150:

2. Premature failure of the overrunning clutch is the most common problem with all the consequences.

Symptoms: deterioration of the dynamic characteristics of the machine.

Treatment: replacement of the overrunning clutch.

10r80 transmission oil pump

3. Premature wear and combustion of the friction.

Symptoms: Automatic transmission can go into emergency mode after the car has been started, and moves only in one gear

Treatment: replacement of clutches with McLeod (Raybestos) PGPZ-268 sports clutches

4.  Valve Body. Sticking of the torque converter coupling valve (TCC) in the main control valve body.

Symptoms: Vibrations; Grinding; Slipping; Jerks and jerks when shifting gears.

Treatment: replacement of the main control valve body assembly JL3Z-7A100-B.

5. The roller pin is not installed properly from the factory. And in some Mustangs they forget to install it at all. (Official testimonials on this occasion continue to be updated).

Symptoms: Sudden failure of the parking function in the P position of the automatic transmission selector.

Treatment: replacement/additional installation of the pin

6. Overheating and cooling problem, one of the reasons is a shallow plastic pallet,

Treatment: Replacement with an enlarged aluminum pallet PPE [3280531×0].

7. Completely unreliable automatic transmission protection – plastic pallet.

Treatment: Replacement with an ENLARGED ALUMINUM PALLET PPE [3280531×0].

Regarding the pallet: be careful, this pallet is a track, it will reduce the clearance by 7.5 cm. If this is not compatible with your operating conditions, then you need to look for one or the other, or accept the disadvantages of OEM.

10r80 pallet

Just in case anyone has the same problem as in the photo below, but it’s a pity to have money for a normal pallet — here is the number of the standard OEM plastic HL3Z-7A194-C

10r80 pallet repair

The plastic couldn’t stand it, the oil leaked out. Remember the photo above, where this pallet is clearly visible

These are only the main most frequent problems, and all of them have long been known around the world. And if you think that Ford has solved all these problems in the current 2021 – alas, you are mistaken.There are a lot of owners-defenders of this automatic transmission, but until they themselves get to the rebild of their box … and after that, the opinion about its merits changes dramatically.

From the point of view of business, Ford acted profitably for themselves, they really reduced the cost of production and the cost of this node, providing a modern automatic transmission to a thirsty public.

And from the point of view of the owner – they acted disgustingly, replacing what was almost perfect with a second-rate and crude product … nothing reliable will ever come out with GM (imho).

10R80 Resource and lifetime

The average period of trouble–free operation of automatic transmission with minor defects is up to 20 thousand km.

The average period of early manifestations of malfunctions (medium and significant) is up to 40 thousand km.

The average period of practically guaranteed occurrence of significant malfunctions is up to 75 thousand km.

Why am I describing all this here? Yes, so that the current owners know what to expect from it, how to deal with it further and how to live with it now.

How to increase the resource of 10R80 transmission?

So, how to deal with your automatic transmissions, who are not yet aware (and this is probably the majority), I will tell you.

How to prolong 10r80 transmission life a little and try to eliminate some of shortcomings? This will be useful for everyone who already rides a restyled Mustang (2018+) or is going to take it for himself.

Perform only in this sequence and in no other way (the first point is at the discretion of your wallet and the need)!

  • First of all, keep in mind that if you want to have a really reliable 10R80 automatic transmission, you will need to invest well. Here is a set to eliminate factory weaknesses.
  • Be sure to check the revocable OD on the automatic transmission of your car. If there are any — to undergo free treatment with ML, in the territories of our countries, service bulletins are valid with our ML.
  • Check the oil level in the transmission. As a rule, 0.9-1.5 liters are not filled from the factory. Check for cold and at operating temperature (96C-101C) – on the probe for hot, the level should be between scales 4 and 5. There is also an old modification of the probe with marks A (for hot), B (for cold). (photo of the probes below).

How to change transmission fluid in 10R80?

transmission fluid 10r80

  • Top up the oil to the required level or replace. Use only the MERCON® ULV Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-12-QULV Motorcraft (WSS-M2C949-A).
  • Update the automatic transmission software (using IDS only).
  • Reset adaptive learning (can be reset incl. using Forscan)

(Press the wrench button in FORScan. You will see several modules listed on the maintenance procedures tab. Click the «Clear» adaptive strategy button for the PCM module. Then click the play button at the bottom of the FORScan GUI. After the procedure is completed, that’s it, the strategy is reset).

After that, go through the procedure of a new automatic transmission training:

Note: The adaptive learning cycle should be performed on a flat road surface.

Note: Write down and then clear the diagnostic trouble codes.

Note: The engine and transmission must be at normal operating temperature and the transmission fluid AT the CORRECT level.

Accelerate from a standstill with a light pressure on the gas (15%), observing the sequence of gear changes from 1 to 8, they should occur at engine speeds in the range of 1300-1600 rpm.

Continue to accelerate (you can increase the pressure on the gas pedal a little after switching from 7 to 8 (this is approximately in the range of 51-61 km / h) until you reach 88 km / h, accompanied by a shift from 9 to 10 gear.

Brake very carefully until you come to a complete stop and hold your foot on the brake after that for another five (5) seconds.

Switch to N or R, and after P.

Repeat the steps 3-6 more times.

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