Transmission repair manuals RL3F01A, RN3F01A

Information about transmission RL3F01A, RN3F01A

Automatic gearbox RL3F01A is installed on Nissan Sentra and Pulsar. One of the features of this modification is the using of torque converter, which allowed significantly improve the quality of the transmission cooling. Automatic transmission, has established itself as a reliable unit, but you have to understand that this model was one of the first on the market. That is why the operating time of the gearbox, in rare cases, close to 100,000 kilometers.The weak point of automatic transmission RN3F01A is the torque converter and the solenoid, which is often quite out of order. It is necessary to note the presence of problems with the gaskets, out of which after only 20 — 30 thousand kilometers begins to actively oozing oil. As a result, the gearbox operates in oil starvation and rapidly becomes worthless. If you want to repair RN3F01A check the oil level in the system at each visit of the service center. There are no any difficulties in carrying out of repair works. The only difficulty with which the car owner may face is the lack of spare parts. Yet, this gearbox was made over 30 years ago and now parts on it are not made.

Transmission scheme

RL3F01A, RN3F01A scheme

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