Transmission repair manuals JR403E, RG4R01A (RE4R03A)

Information about transmission JR403E RE4R03A (RG4R01A)

The presence of an automatic transmission allowed to provide the maximum possible smoothness of gear. Even while working in extreme conditions the transmission as closely as possible and gently changes sections, making traveling by car comfortable and pleasant. Using the construction with four gears allows significantly simplify the transmission, and subsequently facilitate the repair of modified automatic transmission jatco JR403E. In the presents of experience of relevant work is possible independent troubleshoot in the work of automatic transmission JR404E. At the same time, it should be noted that to perform a complete overhaul and refurbishment of the gearbox can be exclusively in the service centers.

Common problems of automatic transmission JR403E

  1. Quite often there is a deterioration of gaskets and seals, which leads to the appearance of an oil leak. In that case, if the car owner does not take any corrective measures of the oil leak, this damage can lead to serious problems.
  2. Wear of drum leads to the disruption of the arm, forcing the car owners to make a costly overhaul of automatic transmission.
  3. In certain cases, there may be a deterioration of the solenoids, which leads to problems with lubrication and cooling transmissions.
  4. Damage to the brake band different intensiveness in the elimination of the damage. It is necessary to produce a complete replacement of the gaskets and friction clutches.

Transmission JR403E fluid

Capacity: 7.8qts

Fluid Type: You can use any Dexron III fluid

Transmission parts schemeRG4R01A scheme

Filter types RG4R01A JR403E

Filters types RG4R01A

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