Transmission repair manuals RE4R01A / RL4R01A (JR402)

Information about rebuild transmission RE4R01A / RL4R01A (JR402)

One of the features of this four-stage automatic gearbox is its reinforced construction. Such reinforced metal construction makes the transmission virtually invulnerable. The car with an automatic transmission is capable of operating in the most demanding conditions. The electronic control system allows you to optimally distribute torque and perform gear changes so as to realize the dynamic potential of the engine. This modification of the automatic transmission is optimized for working with gearbox and low gearing. It is thus possible using of transmission RE4R01A on jeeps, which are operated on off the road. Transmission easily withstand prolonged slipping, and thanks to an efficient cooling system is able to operate even in the harshest and extreme conditions.

RE4R01A transmission problems

From failures of automatic transmission RE4R01A it can be identified problems with electronics. In some cases, there are problems with the hydraulic solenoids. In the repair of RE4R01A the last are changed immediately all along that slightly increases the cost of repairs. It’s necessary to say that with the right service of the gearbox its recourse before overhaul can reach 250,000 kilometers.

RE4R01A rebuild video

Diagnostic video

RE4r01a transmission fluid change

Capacity: 7.9-8.5 qts

Fluid Type: Nissan Matic-D or you can use Dexron III aswell

Transmission parts scheme diagramRE4R01A scheme

RE4R01A Valve body

RE4R01A valve body

Parts for rebuild RE4R01A transmission

What do you need for repair?

Master kits

Solenoids and Valve Body


Torque converter

Other Parts


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