Transmission repair manuals RE4F04B /A (JF403E)

Information about transmission RE4F04B /A (JF403E)

Excellent indicators of reliability and accuracy allowed to hold on the line this modification of four-speed transmission for eight years. Transmission had fully electronic control unit, which is responsible for cooling of aggregates and control its operation. Despite the complete computerization of the unit, it was distinguished by reliability and durability. Not uncommon mileage of 300,000 km without major repairs of modified automatic transmission RE4F04B.

RE4F04B Transmission problems

During the operation of the automatic transmission RE4F04B required replacement friction linings and the installation of new solenoids. In most cases, purification was carried out block by using special cleaning products. Repair works in most cases did not represent any difficulty and can be performed independently by car owners. It is only when the need for work on the valve body and capital recovery gearbox had to turn to professionals who carried out all the necessary repairs.

Rebuild tips

Valve Body and solenoids Replacement RE4F04B

re4f04b transmission fluid change

Capacity: 9qts dry fill

Fluid Type: Use Dexron III fluid or Nissan AT-Matic D Fluid

Transmission parts scheme

Scheme re4f04a

Stall Test RE4F04B (JF403E)

Stall_test RE4F04B a

RE4F03B Failure Codes




Parts for Rebuild RE4F03A/B Transmission

Solenoids and Valve Body



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