RE4F04A Transmission repair manuals (RE4F03A / RE4F03B)

RE4F04A Transmission — Information about rebuild (RE4F03A , RE4F03B)

One of the features of automatic transmission RE4F04A and its modification RE4F03B is fully automatic control. This modification replaces the modified transmission with fully hydraulic control. Using computer control significantly improves the comfort of car trips. Transmission switched with minimal delay, and the presence of the torque converter allows to make the process of switching as smooth and unobtrusive for car owners. There was also a simulated manual mode of the gear change, but the available equipment carefully monitored the operation of the engine and gearbox. In continuous operation at maximum speed box level increased automatically. Thereby providing maximum protection of the engine and transmission from damage. Over the years, the use of this gearbox has proven itself with the best hand. Transmission has high reliability and does not require any special maintenance.

Transmission RE4F04A problems

The question of how to repair modified automatic transmission RE4F04A for car owners can be simplified as only necessary control of the oil level and make every 200,000 kilometers of the scheduled maintenance of solenoids and valve body. The manufacturer recommends changing the oil and filter element every 60,000 kilometers.

Fluid change

Capacity: 7.0 l.

Type: Nissan Matic S/J Fluid


RE4F04A Transmission diagram scheme

Scheme re4f04a

Fluid RE4F03A


RE4F03B Failure Codes




Parts for Rebuild RE4F03A/B Transmission

Solenoids and Valve Body



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