Transmission repair manuals R4AX-EL (EC8 87-98y)

Information about transmission R4AX-EL EC8

Development of a design of four-stage automatic transmission was conducted by joint efforts of specialists of the Japanese car maker of Subaru and Jatko company. The transmission has turned out rather compact and reliable. The simple design has allowed to raise indicators of reliability and has facilitated repair of a transmission. It should be noted that in this modification of a transmission there is no possibility of manual switching and activation of the sports mode. The only thing that is offered to car owners it is the mode with use of three steps which allows to realize a dynamic indicator of the power unit better. With small modifications this transmission has existed on the conveyor more than 10 years and has been in the late nineties replaced with up-to-date five-step and completely automatic transmission.

Automatic gearbox R4AX-EL differs in simplicity in service. It wasn’t required to make replacement of oil which was filled in on all service life of the unit. Capital repair R4AX-EL are carried out after run to 200 – 300 thousand kilometers. It should be noted that to an indicator in 300.000 kilometers solenoids and friction clutches already become useless and demand replacement. When performing repair work on earlier gaps it is required to make replacement of a brake tape and other expendables. In some cases, the pump epiploon fails that leads to problems with greasing and cooling of a transmission. There is a problem with gaskets from under which oil begins to exude. This problem is shown especially sharply after operation of the car in a winter season. Therefore, it is recommended to make regular surveys of a condition of a box regarding identification of dribbles oil.

Transmission scheme

R4AX EC8 scheme

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