Transmission repair manuals MGHA/ B7WA/MW7A/MGFA Odyssey

Information about transmission MGHA/ B7WA/MW7A/MGFA Odyssey

The features of modification MGHA made it a quite reliable and durable front-wheel transmission. With careful use gearbox MGHA can overcome more than 300 thousand kilometers without the overhaul. At the same time car owners must remember that automatic MGHA has high demands on the quality of the oil. In case if the car owner does the oil change in the automatic transmission too rarely, he will face serious problems with the valve body and solenoids. The gear oil is quickly polluted with wear products. That is why it is recommended to replace the oil and the filter element after the mileage of 40.000 kilometers.As mentioned above, this modification of the automatic transmission is reliable. At the same time, it should be understood, that the reliability and durability of its exploitation largely depends on those specific conditions in which it is used by the car owner. Sometimes problems may occur with rubberized gaskets. It can be eliminated by their replacement with new ones. Car owner should regularly inspect the condition of the gearbox for the appearance of leaks. Oil pollution and long-term exploitation of the car may cause problems in the valve body. In this case, the valve body must be cleaned and defective solenoids must be replaced. In this case, it’s quite expensive to repair MGHA.

Transmission schemeMGHA B7WA scheme

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