Transmission repair manuals KM170 — KM177-8

Information about transmission KM170 — KM177-8

The optimum ratio of gear ratios guarantees perfectly accurate and smooth gear changes. The car accelerated briskly, and thanks to special algorithms of the engine gearbox allows to save fuel. In terms of fuel economy, this modification of transmission is identical to the manual gearbox. Magnificent indicators of reliability and fuel efficiency was achieved by the proper selection of gear ratios. Gearbox could adapt to the driving style of the car owner, and the presence of a sports mode provides an opportunity to the maximum intensity of the acceleration. This manual mode of gear changes was absent.Repairs of the modified automatic transmission KM170 are standard. With mileage of 100,000 kilometers would be necessary to replace pads and seals. Upon reaching the ranges of 200 — 250 thousand kilometers is necessary to carry out major overhaul of valve body and the entire automatic transmission KM170 as a whole. Any difficulties in repairs were not founded. Car owner if he has the proper experience can make an overhaul of the gearbox independently. Service work consists in the necessity of oil change, which is performed every 50,000 kilometers. After one oil change is recommended to replace the filter element.

Transmission scheme

KM170-177 scheme

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