Transmission repair manuals JF613E (F6AJA/ W6AJA)

Information about transmission JF613E (F6AJA/ W6AJA)

This modification of transmission was released for the front-wheel drive cars with engine capacity of 2.5-3 liters. Originally this model was developed for the cars of Mitsubishi Company. Later it was installed on Nissan crossovers and SUVs.

These models of automatic transmissions are intended for use on engines which torsion torque does not exceed 330 Nm. According to recommendations of automakers the oil change interval is necessary at each 50 000 km of run. Carrying out timely change of oil and filters, the car owner will be able to operate easily the transmission JF613E about 200000 km without carrying out major repair. One of the features of this transmission modification is so-called active blocking of the torque converter. Using the function of auto neutral allows to increase the comfort in driving and completely eliminates jerking at acceleration.

Transmission JF613E Problems

In most cases to repair the automatic transmission JF613E, you should replace the glands and linings. In rare cases, there are some problems with the valve body. It should be noted that similar repair with replacement of the valve body has a relatively high cost. So we can recommend to you to operate the automatic transmission in full compliance with automaker’s requirements.

Fluid type and oil changing

Checking the level (and quality) of oil is carried out by overflow plug, on a wound and warm engine (40º ± 5) with a gear selector in the Parking position. When heating oil, a little oil should pour out of the hole. If oil does not leak, add half a liter of oil to the filler hole. Jatko recommends pouring 300-400 ml of oil into the filler hole in advance. Excess — will flow out. The condition and the need for changing the oil are assessed by the transparency and color of the resulting oil.

Capacity: 8.8 l.

Fluid Type: Nissan Matic S

Transmission scheme



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