Transmission repair manuals GM VT25E (Saturn)

Information about transmission GM VT25E (Saturn)

VT25E is a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which design is similar to the famous Jatco transmission. Its reliability is based on the push belt technology. As manufacturer declares, proper and regular ATF and filter change is a key factor of the CVT reliability. Usually, they can run 200 000+ km before the overhaul.VT25E features a technological construction of friction, which provides smooth and comfortable gear shifting. The major advantages of this transmission are the great comfort and fuel economy.Comparing to traditional automatic transmissions, VT25E is less reliable despite of the manufacturer’s assurances and have lower acceleration dynamics. What are the most common reasons to repair VT25E? One of them is friction set breakage. It requires full replacement of the set. This is a complex and expensive repair, which must be performed by qualified and experienced personnel only. Another possible problem is a hydraulic plate (which provides lubrication and CVT cooling) malfunction due to aggressive driving style or low quality of CVT fluid. This CVT type uses valve type hydraulic plate (valve body) that simplifies the repair process. Sometimes at great age planet gear of Reverse (6 Gear) needs replacing.

Transmission scheme

ST_VT20/25 transmission scheme

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