Transmission repair manuals GM 6T75 (6F50 6F55 Ford)

Information about rebuild transmission GM 6T75 (6F50-Ford)

Sufficiently simple construction of an automatic gearbox 6F50 / 6F55 / 6T75 provides splendid reliability and maintainability. Moreover, the gearbox is equipped with manual switch mode and sport mode. The construction with reinforced frictions and enlarged valve body helps to cope up with high load. Increased capacity of the valve body stands for qualitative oiling and cooling of the transmission. Some of repairs don’t require dismantling, which make the process of repairing a lot easier.

6f50 6F55 6T75 transmission fluid change

Fluid capacity:  9.5l. full capacity

Fluid type: Mercon LV

mercon LV ATF


Fluid change video


If you wondered how to repair 6T70 / 6T75 automatic gearbox, you should know that service is needed every 50.000 miles. Transmission oil should be replaced as well as the oil filter. Problems with the torque converter is quite a common case, don’t forget to clean the valve body. Such a problem could occur while using an oil of low-quality. Don’t forget that the valve body repair is not exactly a trifle. When neglected, it will cost you a fortune yet. Thus, using qualitative oil and regularly replacing it you will prolong the lifetime of your gearbox and rid yourself of costly repairs. It is also possible to single out a couple of breakages which commonly occur: bush, water packing failures.

6f50 6F55 6T75 transmission problems



6T75 6F50 6F55 Solenoid Replacement


Transmission parts diagram scheme 6F55 6F50 6T75

Manual for transmission 6T70

Parts for rebuild 6F50/55 transmission

What do you need for repair?

Master kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

Torque converter

Rebuilt Transmissions


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