Transmission repair manuals GM 5L40E/ 5L50E

Information about transmission rebuild GM 5L40E/ 5L50E

Ultramodern transmission is characterized by high reliability and functionality. It has a sport mode and the ability to change gears manually. In the sport manual mode, the transmission is controlled by an electronic system that monitors the engine speed. After reaching the limit of engine speed, automatic gearbox gives a command to switch to the higher level. This ensures a maximum protection of the transmission failure. Cooling and lubrication of the movable transmission elements are carried out by a special system based on the valve body and solenoids. Used solenoids provide an optimal cooling. The automatic transmission has received a large number of the control electronics, which showed itself with the best hand. Problems with electronics are very rare, which allows transmission to be exploited for a long period.

5L40E Transmission Problems

As mentioned above, 5L40E problems has proved itself to be a sufficiently reliable transmission. At the same time car owners should be aware that to rebuild 5L40E transmission they will need to pay a lot of money. After 300,000 kilometers it requires an overhaul. In most cases, the complete cleaning or replacement of the valve body is done. Sometimes there are problems with the transmission control unit. In this case it must be replaced.

5L40E Transmission fluid

You can use fluids:

Valvoline Dexron 6

Valvoline Maxlife (Synthetic)

Castrol Transmax (Full Synthetic)

Dont forget to change 5l40e transmission filter, the number is SG1042

5l40e filter

Transmission capacity

Transmission Fluid Capacity — Complete Overhaul8.9 liters9.4 quarts
Bottom Pan Removal4.7 liters5.0 quarts


Transmission scheme

GM_5L40 scheme

5L40E BMW transmission

5L50 Fluid change

5L40E Solenoids Manual

5L50_solenoids manual

5L40E CheckBall locatioons


Parts for Rebuild 5L40E Transmission

Solenoids and tools

Bushing Kit

Valve Body

Pistons Kit

Rebuild Kits


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