Transmission repair manuals FORD/Volvo Powershift dct450 / DCT250mps6

Information about rebuild transmission Powershift 6dct450 and DCT250 mps6

The advantage of using automatic transmission with double clutch is no power loss during the switching and smooth change of stages. However, this design has its drawbacks. So, for example, automatic transmission Powershift 6dct450 mps6 has an extremely complex structure with bad reliability. The automatic gearbox Powershift 6dct450 mps6 had six stages, the last is the down and it is used for fuel economy.

Automatic gearbox Powershift 6dct450 mps6 has high demands on service work. It is necessary to carry out the replacement of the transmission oil and filter elements every 30,000 kilometers. You should consider the fact that it’s necessary to repair Powershift 6dct450 mps6 exclusively at service stations.

PowerShift DCT450 and DCT250 Problems

The widespread kind of damage for this modification is problems with the dual-clutch. Quite often we observed the misalignment of the clutch, resulting in a collision of shafts with each other, and as a result it required a time-consuming overhaul. Another feature of this modification of the gearbox is its elongated structure, which somewhat limits its application in the compact city cars. It is for this reason the modification Powershift 6dct450 mps6 installed on large-size sedans and SUVs.

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