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The main purpose of five-speed automatic gearbox FNR5 is usage with front-drive cars which volume of the engine does not exceed 2,5 liters. Automatic Transmission has a sports car mode and a possibility of manual switching of steps. There is also a function of blocking and kick down. As well as the majority of other Mazda transmissions FNR5 is reliable and enduring. It is only necessary for an owner to make regular replacement of oil in Automatic Transmission and care for filtering element after 100.000 kilometers of run. One more feature of FNR5 is use of specially adjusted solenoids which are capable to be arranged under an owner-driver. Work of solenoids and whole Valve Body copes electronics. There is no mechanical communication between the selector of transfers and transmission.

Transmission Problems

Automatic Transmission FNR5 has a plenty of used automatic control systems of work of transmissions. During major repair FNR5 they make replacement of friction clutches, complete set of a filler block and linings. Often enough it is required to make clearing of the valve body that allows to improve scientifically greasing and cooling of an automatic gearbox. The certain complexity at repair work is necessary to make removing of a box for their performance. That’s why labor input and cost of repair work raises.

Transmission FNR5 Fluid Change

Capacity: About 7QTS

Fluid change: Ford Mercon V XT5

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FNR5 (4F27e) P0741 Code

Transmission scheme

FNR5 repair scheme

FNR5 Solenoids

FNR5 Solenoids manual

FNR5 Stall Test

FNR5 stall test

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Master kits

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