Transmission repair manuals F4AEL, 4EAT-F

Information about transmission F4AEL, 4EAT-F

Using special solenoids allow optimally control the operation of the lubrication system and transmission cooling. Some functions in this automatic transmission are electronically controlled. For example, the oil pressure sensor is installed allow real-time tracking data on temperature and pressure oil in the system. At the first sign of problems reported by the electronic system of the car owner need to repair an Automatic transmission.

For automatic gearbox F4AEL requires the use of high-quality oil. The transmission oil is gradually contaminated and has lost some of its properties in the process of exploitation.

Moreover, during using low-quality lubricants solenoids soon can be damaged. All of this led to a long and laborious repair the automatic transmission F4AEL. That is why the manufacturer recommends change the oil regularly.

Problem with the electronics is common breakdown of this modification automatic gearbox. In the operation of the electronics it is subjected to heavy loads, which leads to a constant overheating. It is not uncommon problems with cables, which are responsible for the functioning of various automated systems. It should be noted that the automatic diagnose and resolve these problems has high complexity.

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