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Information about rebuild transmission F4A41 / F4A42 / F5A51 / F4A51

To simplify repairs of automatic transmission F4A51 it is necessary to use special repair kits that allow you to easily fix any problems. Of specific breakdowns can identify problems with the pump and seals. In some cases, there are problems in the valve body. In case of failure of valve body should be carried out costly and time-consuming heavy overhaul.

F4A51 transmission problems

Do not require any special service maintenance. It was necessary only regularly change the oil in automatic transmission and the filter elements. Car owners had to carry out periodic inspection of the pads in the transmission and at the first sign of oil leaks visiting the service center to eliminate the existing overlap. As a general rule, a serious problem and the need for major repairs occur after driving 300,000 kilometers.

Common problems video

Repair of modified automatic five-speed transmission F5A51 is performed exclusively with the use of special equipment. In the presence of high-quality diagnostic assistant can easily determine the nature of the failure and eliminate the problem at minimal cost.

F4A51 fluid and filter change

Capacity: 8.5 Litres

Fluid Type: Mitsubishi ELC-4 ATF, Castrol TQM-SP, Valvoline Type M-II Special

Original (SPIII)

Transmission parts scheme diagram


F4A51 F4A42 F5A51 service manual

F4A41_solenoids F4A41_manual

Parts for rebuild F4A41/F4A42/F4A51 transmission

What do you need for repair?

Master kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

Torque converter

Oil Pump


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