Transmission repair manuals F3A

Information about transmission repair F3A

One of the peculiarities of this modification is usage of the primitive solenoids, which stand for oiling and cooling of the moveable elements. This increases resource and efficiency of the transmission. The F3A is structurally very simple, cheap and extremely maintainable. Even having three gears it could realize the actual potential of the engine. Maybe that’s why this modification of the automatic transmission became an absolute record-holder for a production time. If you wondered how to repair F3A automatic gearbox, you should know that service is needed just once in 300.000 miles. Seems like a miracle, but it really is. It is recommended only to replace the oil filter when needed. Repair works is quite simple. The absolute minimum of electronics is used, that’s why the repair on your own is possible. The repair means the opening of the gearbox and examination the frictions’ condition and transmission drums. In this case replacement of transmission oil, water packing and rubber gaskets is occurred. The cleaning of the valve body and oil collector is also performed, if needed. At present time it is possible to find even complete sets for repair jobs, which let to make the work sufficiently easier. mazda F3A repair

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