Transmission repair manuals F1C1/W1C1

Information about rebuild transmission F1C1/W1C1

One of specificities of the automatic transmission F1C1 W1C1 is an easiness of servicing it. So, the owner of the car can change oil and other consumable materials without having much knowledge about it. If you have F1C1 then you have to change the oil filter and oil every year and use only original oil. While exploitation oil gets fast dirty and after 5-30 thousand kilometers of the mileage it should get changed.

W1C1 Transmission problems

The bad side of this automatic gearbox is a belt of the variator, which get stretched, when you have about 150.000 kilometers of the mileage. If you won’t change the belt, it can break and automatic transmission can get out of work. Mostly then see leakage of the oil, that’s why you should watch very well for the automatic gearbox and for the absence of leakage. You should also remember that F1C1 designed for the driving in a city, so you shouldn’t get too much speed.

F1C1 Transmission problems

With the modification W1C1 you can get problems with gaskets and compression seal fitting. And they start to leakage when you have 30 — 50 thousand of the mileage. That’s why they recommend open the automatic transmission and watch the condition of it after 50 thousand of mileage. There are body shops, which are specialized for repair automatic transmission; they will help you to repair W1C1.

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