Transmission repair manuals CVT JF011E (RE0F10A), RE0F06A

Information about transmission CVT JF011E (RE0F10A), RE0F06A

Automatic transmission CVT JF011E proved itself with the best hand. This reliable automatic gearbox that differs by durability and simplicity of operation to maintain. Also necessary to note its affordable price. One of the characteristics of this automatic gearbox is the use of two filters. This ensures the highest quality lubrication systems, in turn, extends the life of the transmission. This feature of the two filters must be remembered when carrying out service works. After a run of 50-60 thousand kilometers is necessary to change the oil in the gearbox. Simultaneously with oil change two filters at once.

When carrying out service works it is recommended to use original spare parts and lubricant compounds, which are approved by the manufacturer. Trying to save on oil as invariably lead to problems with the use of the vehicle. Also note the fact that the variator has a complicated structure and shows increased requirements to the professional level of craftsmen who perform repairs of modified automatic transmission CVT RE0F10A. Therefore, if the repairs are needed, contact exclusively in the original service centers.

JF011E Transmission problems

With proper use, this gearbox JF011E can easily run more than 200 thousand kilometers without the need of complex repair works. In some cases, seals of the pump and oil pan lining are break down. Repair work in this case is to replace the seals and leaky pads. In rare cases, there is wear of gears that forces to produce a rather complicated and costly overhaul of the gearbox.

JF011 rebuild video

JF011E transmission fluid change

Capacity: 7.8QTS

Fluid type: Use Nissan NS2 or NS3

nissan ns2 fluid

Transmission parts scheme

JF011E RE0F10A scheme

Transmission RE0F10A (JF011E) fill procedures

JF011E RE0F10A fluid

Transmission RE0F10A (JF011E) Stall Test

JF011E RE0F10A stall

jf011e transmission valve body

jf011e valve body

Parts for Rebuild JF011E Transmission

Solenoids and Valve Body

Rebuild Kits

Oil Pump


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