Transmission repair manuals CVT RE0F09A /JF010E

Information about transmission CVT RE0F09A /JF010E

Automatic transmission CVT RE0F09A was installed at a number of Japanese automaker Nissan car company. CVT RE0F09A transmission appeared in a campaign proposal in 2002. This variator was installed on the car Nissan Maxima and Murano. In the middle of the two thousandth years the Russian market began to be delivered Teana model, which was equipped with that modification of the transmission. Afterwards under the license, this transmission was installed on two-liter diesel modification of Renault Scenic and Megan. Japanese experts in the development of this model and in the beginning of its use in their cars as positive about this powertrain. However, the variator has established itself not with the best hand.

JF010E Problems

Problematic place is the belt tensioner, which is quite often broke, leading to significant problems. Runs of CVT CVT RE0F09A more than a hundred thousand kilometers without the need for question of how to repair automatic transmission CVT RE0F09A is a rarity. Quite often, the first problems appeared after only 40 — 50 thousand mileage. It should be noted that the cost of spare parts and difficulty of repair CVT RE0F09A is quite high. Therefore, to perform high-quality repair work cannot in every repair shop, which specializes in transmission repair. Soon, the Japanese producers refused to use this transmission, and subsequently the use of transmissions variators.

Flow Control Valve Fix Video

JF010E Troubles

How to change the belt of variator RE0F09A?

  1. Remove the tray
  2. Repair the valve body
  3. Half the box in the large circle
  4. Repair all the innards (pump, differential, planetary gear set)
  5. Half the box in the small circle
  6. Finally, gently pull out the cone and chain

JF010E (RE0F09A) transmission fluid change

Capacity: 8.2QTS

Fluid type: Use Nissan NS2 or NS3

nissan ns2 fluid

Transmission scheme

JF010 RE0F09A Scheme

RE0F09A Solenoids

RE0F09A_solenoids manualDiagnostic and errors RE0F09A

RE0F09A Diqgnostic RE0F09A Diqgnostic RE0F09A Diqgnostic

Parts for Rebuild JF010E (RE0F09A) Transmission

Solenoids and Valve Body

Rebuild Kits

Oil Pump

Chain Belts



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