Transmission repair manuals CR-V M4TA/ MDMA / S4XA/ SKWA

Information about transmission CR-V M4TA/ MDMA / S4XA/ SKWA

The automatic transmission M4TA has increased reliability. Car owners only need to regularly change the oil, together with the filter elements. You must use the original high-quality gear oil, which will protect against wear out sleeve and clutches.

Generally, when it is a run of 300,000 kilometers or more there is a need for major repair the automatic transmission M4TA. Also it should be noted that the improper use of an automatic transmission and aggressive driving are frequent breakdowns, forcing overhaul of the mileage of 100,000 kilometers. It is therefore necessary to note that the automatic gearbox is designed largely for use in urban environments.

Problems with the oil seals and rubber gaskets are common breakdowns that we can identify. In the context of winters, rubber gaskets can be easily damaged, which in turn causes oil leaks. Therefore, it is necessary to replace rubberized gaskets and oil seals. These repairs are difficult because of the large size of the automatic gearbox. Removing the tray is a certain complexity and can be made exclusively at the service center. During the major repair carried out inspection of the Valve Body, replacement clutches and drums. In some cases, it is necessary to change the burnt clutch.

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