Transmission repair manuals Civic — A4RA/ B4RA/ BMXA

Information about rebuild transmission Civic — A4RA/ B4RA/ BMXA

Service automatic transmission is only a regular oil change and check condition of rubberized gaskets. With proper maintenance automatic gearbox, it can run without major repairs over 300,000 kilometers. Repair the automatic transmission BMXA is easy but it is the difficulty of its removal. The automatic transmission has minimum electrical systems that complicate the diagnosis, but it had improved transmission reliability and durability. At the automatic gearbox has a Sport mode that allows the engine to spin up to maximum before switching to a higher level.

Transmission A4RA/BMXA problems

From this model automatic gearbox, the typical faults defect of solenoids can be noted, that wear out contaminated products and layers of transmission oil from the gearbox. It is possible, solenoids cleaning using ultrasound or replacing them with new elements. In the last case, the solenoids can be replaced individually, but we would recommend you to change their kit, which will allow for the next 100 — 150 thousand kilometers to get rid of the problems with this element.

You need to replace the clutch, the valve body or steel wheels if you have serious breakdowns that happen to mileage of 300,000 kilometers or more. It should be noted that the overhaul is not very value, which allows doing it cost-effectively.

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Transmission BMXA scheme

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