Transmission repair manuals CD4E, LA4A-EL

Information about rebuild transmission CD4E, LA4A-EL

Due to the original design of the transmission gear changes happen quite compact and reliable. The control electronics allows following all the important things of the automatic transmission, which in turn saves the car owner from potential damage the transmission.

Like most modern automatic transmissions automatic transmission CD4E require appropriate service. Car owner should regularly change the oil in the gearbox, and filter elements. Thus was provided durability of the valve body and solenoids. In addition, you should regularly inspect the condition of the transmission in order to identify leaks oil. If any problems with tightness gaskets must be as soon as possible contact the service center and eliminate existing damage.

CD4E Transmission Problems

The characteristic of this modification transmission breakdowns can be attributed the failure of the solenoids, what happens when you run more than 200,000 kilometers. Experts recommend replacement kits solenoids that deliver the car owner from the need for frequent repair automatic transmission CD4E. It should be remembered that when the solenoid replacement performed work on dismantling the valve body that slightly increases the cost of the work. It is for these reason solenoids to replace one is unprofitable.

Fluid type and capacity

Fluid type: Mercon 5

Capacity: 8qts

Fluid change video

Transmission scheme

CD4E scheme

CD4E Manual CD4E solenoids manual

Parts for rebuild CD4E transmission

What do you need for repair?

Master kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

Torque converter

Other Parts



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