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Information about rebuild transmission BTR M78 DSI

No car owner is insured against breakdowns of the car and automatic transmission, in particular. Repair of such a node will be difficult, so you need to contact specialized workshops that offer high-quality repair of automatic SsangYong Actyon transmission. 

This compact crossover and modification in the body of a pickup truck are produced since 2006. Various transmissions are installed on cars, including the M78LE automatic transmission. This is an easy-to-operate four-speed automatic transmission with a longitudinal arrangement, which is designed for installation on the rear and all-wheel drive cars.

Gearbox BTR M78 was developed in 1988 by BTR, and later the transmission with minor modifications was installed on various cars and SUVs from the Korean automaker SsangYong. The transmission turned out to be quite unpretentious and reliable, able to withstand about 200 thousand kilometers of mileage with a small percentage of car owners’ requests for service.

In the mid-2000s, the SsangYong Actyon began to install a six-speed DSI-6 M78 transmission, which, in fact, was an upgraded version of the M74LE modification gearbox. The new unit received a front planet, a modern hydro block, as well as a fully automatic control system. This model was not as reliable as its predecessor, but allowed better implementation of the engine power, while the car owner was able to save fuel.

Fluid change

Capcity: 9.5l. dry fill

Fluid type: FUCHS TITAN ATF3292 or OEM (0000000430 for 4l and 0000000400 for 1l.)

btr m78 fluid change

  1. Drive the vehicle for approximately five
  2. Connect the vehicle’s diagnostic scan tool
    to the vehicles diagnostic connector.
  3. With the gear select lever in the Neutral
    position, start the engine and allow to run
    at idle until the transmission fluid
    temperature reaches 50°C.
  4. Raise the vehicle on a certified hoist.
  5. When the transmission fluid temperature
    reaches 50°C turn off the engine.
  6. Place a drain container below the fluid level
    hole and remove the transmission fluid
    level plug. Allow transmission fluid to drain
    from the fluid level hole for 50 seconds.
  7. Reinstall the fluid level plug and tighten the
    plug to the correct torque specification.
  8. Lower the vehicle to the ground and road
    test the vehicle to check vehicle operation
    and for fluid leaks.

Video guide how to change Fluid BTR M78

BTR M78 Transmission problems

This transmission has a large margin of safety, but due to its unpredictability and originality after a run of 100,000 kilometers, the transmission may have serious breakdowns, which are simply unpredictable. Certain problems are caused to car owners by the torque converter, which leads to noticeable kicks and pushes when changing gears, and the car can start from the second gear.

Problems with the pump and pump oil seal are also often noted, and the wear of the bagel can lead to serious malfunctions, up to the need to replace a failed automatic transmission. The automation control unit is quite reliable, but if it breaks down, such modules need to be replaced.

Repair BTR M78 automatic transmission involves replacing a set of pistons, brake belt, and oil filter, and the unit itself is opened, after which it is performed a detailed defect. On the new model of the transmission, the metal-plastic filter has a felt membrane, its life is about 150,000 kilometers, after which it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the pump is clogged with friction dust and the frictions burn.

The weak point of this gearbox is the pump, which often wears out and breaks when vibrations from the torque converter occur. In this case, the pump needs to be replaced, and all the transmission gaskets are changed at the same time. In the early versions of this gearbox, the bearing caused certain problems for car owners, but later it was used in a reinforced version, which practically did not wear out and did not require rebuild BTR M78.

Causes of automatic SsangYong Actyon transmission failures

The main cause of breakdowns of automatic transmissions on the SsangYong Actyon crossover is an aggressive driving style, improper operation of the automatic transmission in the winter season, and physical wear, which is often noted after a run of 250,000 kilometers.

BTR M78 DSI-6 Scheme Diagram


Clutch work and gear ratio


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