Transmission repair manuals BTR — M74LE

Information about transmission BTR — M74LE

Automatic transmission BTR — M74LE established itself with the best hand. With a proper exploitation it could overcome more than 200,000 kilometers. The simplicity of its service should also be mentioned. Every 50,000 kilometers car owners should necessary change the transmission oil and filter element. This work can easily be done on their own.

SsangYong transmission problems

Also you can have btr transmission 6 speed, name is BTR M11. Problems with the valve body are one of the characteristic failures of this modification. Solenoids are usually clogged with wear products, what causes their failure. To extend the life of the valve body it is recommended to use only high-quality transmission oil. It must be changed as often as the manufacturer suggests. When it’s necessary to repair the valve body, it is possible to replace the solenoids separately. The car owner must understand that repairing one solenoid, in the near future he may face a similar problem with another electric valve. That’s the reason why they must be replaced in a kit. Only this way the problem with the work of the valve body will be solved completely. Also, it is useful to carry out regular inspections of the state of transmission to find oil leaks and leaky gaskets. It this case to repair BTR — M74LE it is needed to replace the failed rubberized gaskets and to do a replenishment of lost gear oil.

BTR transmission fluid

You need to use only original oil for BTR transmission ssangyong fluid the number is 0000000430 for 4l and 0000000400 for 1l. Fluid Capacity 9.5 (Full)

btr transmission fluid

BTR Transmission parts scheme diagram

transmission BTR scheme transmission BTR scheme

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