BTR M11 Transmission repair manuals DSI-6

BTR M11 Transmission — information about rebuild (DSI-6)

The BTR M11 transmission has been installed on SsangYong Actyon (New Actyon, Korando) cars since 2010, it has a transverse arrangement, it is assembled at the Russian Sollers plant. Being paired with a 2-liter diesel unit, it easily digests 380 Newton meters.

The DSI-6 transmission was installed on both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. The development of DSI (ex. BTR) with the support of Hyundai-Kia, taking over the design solutions of the Korean automatic machine installed on the Sorento and Santa Fe-A6MF1. The hydro block itself, for example, has a familiar layout of solenoids and valves for many aggregators, while some of the solenoids are borrowed from Borg-Warner and GM.

The M11 was noted for minor breakdowns of electrical settings and wear of the servo — brake belt piston, which warps the brake belt and wedges, which leads to switching problems. Transmission is not designed for diesel engines and for the maximum torque that the computer settings allow you to create using a pedal sunk into the floor. This is rather a mistake of programmers who allowed the machine to be killed, allowing the driver to overload it on the off-road and when overtaking on the highway.

BTR M11 Fluid change

BTR M11 DSI-6 fluid change- the volume is about 7.2-8 liters, it is used by the SsangYong manufacturer. You can also find non-original from FUCHS Titanium ATF 3292 (supplier of Mercedes) or RAVENOL. The type of oil is unpretentious, but it capriciously works on dirty oil or with a lack of oil.

Fluid type: OEM ATF SsangYong 0578-244021, or analog Fuchs Titan ATF 3292

btr m78 fluid change

Capacity: 7.5 liters (dry fill), 4.7 liters for service

Fluid service video (DIY)

BTR M11 Transmission problems DSI-6 

The wear of the friction leads to increased clearances in the clutch packs. Increased gaps in the clutch bags and brake drums lead to shocks and increase the risk of vibrations under load. Frictions are replaced with a full set. They are often accompanied by steel discs.

One of the early repairs of M11 aggregated with a diesel engine is the problem of the rear planetary row.  The bronze of the bushing is erased at maximum moments and with a lack (or contamination) of oil, and this breaks the sides of the support bearing inside the planetary row.

Teardown video


BTR M11 DSI-6 rebuild process 

Most often, the box comes to repair with the typical vibration breakdown of the rear planetary row and the destruction of the support bearing (below). If it is done on time, we can restrict the bulkhead with replacement bearing, if not — it starts a chain of unpredictable wear and requires rebuild BTR M11 DSI-6.

We order bulkhead repair kit of gaskets and seals from ATOK, which includes a set of hydro block gaskets. Timely replacement of worn Teflon rings and gaskets slows down the wear of the cranky components of this rather cranky box.

Oil pump problem

One of the popular repair BTR M11 DSI-6 reasons is the oil pump. It failed when the overhaul of the box and the torque converter was delayed for a long time, and there were extreme vibrations of the torque converter or destruction\wear of the rear planet, complicated by dirty oil.

As for electrical regulators for the hydro block for this gearbox, SsangYong took the latest universal development of the American Borg Warner: solenoids that are used for all thin-tuned DSG robots and work reliably for the first 100 thousand km.


Valve body manual BTR M11 DSI-6

btr_m11_dsi6_valve_body_manual (2)

btr_m11_dsi6_valve_body_manual (2) btr_m11_dsi6_valve_body_manual (2)

Solenoids in valve body are included in the list of frequently replaced consumables. The gearbox BTR M11 DSI-6 uses 6 VBS solenoids-electric regulators with different mounts.

Despite the use of proven engineering solutions, its reliability is not proven, and it is a frequent guest of automatic transmission repair services. Problems with the hardware start when you run 100 thousand km. (pump, pistons, torque converter), and hydraulic unit breaks at the mileage of 150-200 thousand km.

Reasons of problems

Especially reliable Mercedes units were installed on the car, which, subject to proper service, can run more than 300.000 km. The car owner only needs to remember about the mandatory oil replacement; also, these transmissions don’t tolerate aggressive driving style. The universal prevention of repair of gearbox BTR M11 DSI-6 is the recommendation of regular warming up in winter before driving after prolonged parking.

BTR M11 Diagram scheme parts (DSi)

btr m11 diagram scheme

Solenoids work chart manual

BTR m11 solenoids work

Clutch work DSI-6


Tightening manual BTR M11

btr m11 diagram tightening manual

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