Transmission repair manuals B7TA/B7WA/B7YA/M7ZA

Information about rebuild transmission B7TA/B7WA/B7YA/M7ZA

Automatic transmission is not of planetary gears, which will simplify the construction of automatic transmission B7TA.It is not uncommon with timely maintenance and appropriate exploitation of this modification transmission withstands 400,000 kilometers and more without the need for major repairs.

By way of the appropriate exploitation of this modification of automatic gearbox we could recommend car owners to warm up the oil in the automatic gearbox during the winter. You can do this by moving the selector lever to position “Drive” and hold the brake pedal for about 30 seconds. This will allow warming up the oil in the gearbox, which will extend the trouble-free life of your automatic transmission. Also, be aware that it is not recommended immediately after the beginning of the movement dramatically accelerate and shift gears manually.

B7TA B7WA Transmission Problems

Of characteristic breakdowns we can identify the problem with rubber gaskets that after a run of 100 — 150 thousand kilometers lose their elasticity, and from beneath them begins to pour oil. In this case, the repair is to replace the damaged gasket. On sale you can find special repair kits, which allows significantly, simplify the repair automatic gearbox B7TA. With appropriate experience of the car owner can make repairs yourself.

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B7TA B7WA Transmission rebuild video

B7TA B7WA Transmission fluid change

Capacity: 7 qts

Fluid Type: You can use Mercon V or Mobil LT71141


Transmission scheme

Scheme transmission B7TA

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