Transmission repair manuals AXOD / AXOD-E / AX4S

Information about rebuild transmission AXOD / AXOD-E / AX4S

This generation of four-stage gearboxes went through several changes and now it includes electronic solenoids instead of the hydraulic modulator. Changes made these gearboxes extremely reliable and lasting, that’s why this modification of automatic transmission became the base for the four stage gearbox’s modifications of other companies.

Optimization of AXOD’s gear-ratios has improved dynamics of power unit. The modification is intended to work in powerful cars with six- or eight-cylinder engine, that’s why the clutch was also strengthened. It guarantees the mileage of 124274 miles without serious repair operations. At first it was planned that gearbox oil would not be removable.

Transmission AX4S Problems

But wear debris lead to the obstructions and to the problems with lubricating moving elements. It will help you to avoid repair transmission AX4S frequently. All repair operations are not complicated and they can be performed without specialists, but using bad-quality transmission oil can cause problems with solenoids. All solenoids can be removed separately; it reduces the complexity and price of repair operations.


Transmission AXOD Problems

Transmission AX4S and AXOD fluid change

Manufacturer recommends to change oil after the mileage of 31068 – 62137 miles.

Capacity: Pan Drop 8 liters

Fluid Type: use MERCON V ATF Fluid

Filter: E6DZ-7A098-A/p

Mercon V atf

How to replace transmission oil AX4S

Transmission parts diagram scheme


AXOD Valve Body Diagram

axod valve body diagram

AX4S Valve Body

ax4s valve body

Parts for Rebuild AXOD

Solenoids and Valve Body

Rebuild Kits

Torque Converter

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